A different City

Shared values no longer bind cities together. Cities are now just pure labor markets. Loneliness is malignant. People move to cities for work, hoping to find belonging online.

Today, we have a chance to redesign cities. Software engineers built the infrastructure to support the migration of the knowledge economy from the office to the cloud. A virus catalyzed this migration. Now we can live and work wherever we want, with whomever we want, and we have the choice to leave the metropolis. 

We can choose to build a society with those who share our values. Ancient Athens had 300,000 inhabitants. Renaissance Florence had 80,000. Countless forgotten cities were far larger. The size of a city has little to do with its population and everything to do with its population.

The Internet brings people together to share common passions in digital cities. Now we can use the Internet to bring people together in a city made of atoms. With the technology of 2020, we can build a city based on shared values, with talent and vitality that surpasses that of ancient Athens or Renaissance Florence.

Building a new city from the ground up is an opportunity for radical thinking based on first principles. Modern transportation. Modular building. Innovative management. Decentralized currency.

The next Tesla could be a city, okay Elon is already working on that too. Manhattan's land is worth more than Amazon. Tomorrow's cities will be organized around tribal warmth and growth driven by a unified vision for the future. We envision unleashed human potential, an unprecedented collection of talent, enabled by the global reach of the Internet - building the city we deserve.

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