For a long time, I have been looking for a plan that could support us to heal ourselves and our planet. Unfortunately, there is no one plan, like always there will be many things we have to do.

A friend and I are fans of the "Tesla" model. You develop a prototype, which you can show as a showcase project and then adapt to others. Similar to my article Charter Cities for Cities. My Theory is about why and how only a few specialized centers/ cities around the world, known as Healing RegenTopes (tried to use the word BioTop to become more regenerative, not sure if it makes sense - let me know), are capable of replacing the existing informational field of fear and violence with a new, globally effective informational field of trust and cooperation.

How can these regional regenerative tops have a global impact? The answer can be found in the nature of holistic systems, the functions and parameters of which are described as: It is not how big and strong these local centers are (in comparison to the existing apparatus of violence), but how comprehensive and complex they are, how many elements of life combine and unite well in them, that is critical to their success. Evolutionary fields develop according to the “success of the most comprehensive,” not the “survival of the fittest.” Otherwise, no new development could take hold, because everything begins “small and inconspicuously”. There are similar projects all over the world (Civium, Pirate Academy, Rainbird Earth, Regen Village, GRC, Motherland, etc.).

What exactly is a Healing Regentop?

A Healing Regentope is a future society model. The Healing Regentopes plan is based on building a model of a new society before it can be applied on a large scale, similar to how a new prototype is first developed in a laboratory.

The global problems that currently lead to war all over the world will be solved or in the process of being solved in a future culture of peace. Healing Regentopes are thus locations where these solutions are created. The findings must be generalizable and accessible to anyone who seeks them. Healing Regtopes are organized in such a way that the various solutions can be linked to each other until the overall solution image becomes visible.

To make things clearer, I've divided the overall solution into several components:

  • the material foundation of life

  • the social foundation of life

  • the mental-spiritual foundation of life

To begin a nonviolent future, humanity requires new responses in all three of these areas. There are a lot more, but I thought it is easier to focus on a few.

The Material Foundation

The problem of the material basis of life manifests itself in the global scarcity of water, food, and energy, as well as their unequal distribution. Desertification, famine, and peak oil are just a few manifestations of this scarcity, which stems from humanity's fundamentally flawed relationship with the earth, water, and nature. The necessary correction consists of developing human-made systems that are compatible with nature's inexhaustible systems and energy sources.

The solution, in particular, lies in the establishment of decentralized, regionally self-sufficient, water-rich, and sustainable centers capable of housing thousands of people. With the help of Water Retention Landscapes, permaculture, peace gardens, and new energy technologies that work according to the laws of life, insufficient numbers, these centers will be able to supply all of humanity with sufficient food, energy, and fresh drinking water within a few decades. They heal all of nature's ecosystems and living beings at the same time. The conflict between economic growth and environmental protection is resolved.

New energies are more based on the "line of tension" than on a breaking resistance. They link the new centers to the sun and the universe's everlasting energy sources. There is no struggle for resources. We are currently covering the field of energy through Nextness and have had some good discussions with researchers here.

Just yesterday I had an investor meeting with a young company that can manufacture products such as palm oil or other substances from yeast in the laboratory. Doesn't that sound great?

The Social Fundament

All societies have destroyed their social foundation. The ability of man to live in peace has been lost. From the smallest marriage and family systems, all the way to global crisis and wars, fear, alienation and lack of confidence lead to insolvent conflicts in all systems. The latent readiness for violence can be used for wars and cruel confrontations at any time.

Healing Regentopes illustrate how cooperation and trust can be developed permanently and structurally by creating new habitats. This change is not (only) caused by individual therapies or admonitions. It is the social being who determines awareness. The higher level of order at which previously insoluble conflicts can be resolved is the new type of socialization. In these new communities, human beings support and assist others and their neighborhoods not because they follow an external moral command, but because they realize that all life belongs to the great family of life to which they also belong.

The reconciliation of the sexes is central to building trust. As long as there is war in the love, there can be no peace on earth. The men-dominated patriarchal society must be transformed into a way of life in which women and men reconnect and apply their sensual knowledge to the future culture of the men and women's partnership.

The Spiritual and Mental Base

Today the struggle against the mental-spiritual basis of life is perceived in such subtle and comprehensive ways. We only see their consequences like religious wars, domination and subordination structures, psychological deprivation, and blocked anger to self-destruction. Mankind lost its true religious and ethical anchor.

To get back from this exile, we must take a new view of the world and study an early trust theory, which can open up the human heart again. In this learning process, people who no longer subject themselves to punishing authorities will develop autonomously, self-confidently. These persons have developed and are therefore incorruptible a strong human core. They make life and protect it wherever they are, their sacred authority itself.

Next Manifesting Steps

First, it is necessary to create a global information field. It is important worldwide to know the idea of curing Regentopes, the way of life they represent, the basic ideas, and partial solutions that have already been found and can be generalized. This knowledge is then irretrievable. New information is needed for Earth!

Second: The spread of the idea itself will lead to the establishment of stations and so-called 'model universities' all over the world that incorporate both ecological and technological knowledge and intellectual as well as social know-how to develop working communities. This process of global networking by mental, spiritual, human, and ecological formation is supported by several organizations already.

Thirdly, until the "model universities" take up that task, I (and others) will be the principal educational center. The already emerging model of self-sufficient living needs to be supported, the training facilities expanded, the scholarship Fund maintained, and practical education sites established.

Do you know someone who wants to work on this?