Are you happy?

I have told you about the last time I wrote here, and I have put the focus back on personal issues, on my path, and on how I found my happiness (as I mentioned it has a lot to do with freedom and this is my book all about). Not only that but how we can walk this path together. We are facing one of the biggest revolutions in the world (for the better) and for the first time in the history of time, we have the opportunity to make this a global good.

I never wanted to send out two newsletters a week. But currently, I have the need to share words. I am writing some new articles and I am listening to Caminaré from Abuela Malinallo (very relaxing and powerful). The world is burning, suffering and we are watching. Sometimes I just want to share my thoughts with others and I hope you feel the same way.

Click play and dive into my world of thoughts…

Having a deep understanding of different things is something that I find very easy, whether AI, consciousness, sensemaking or other topics. I love to learn new things and try to see possibilities of how we can build a society that will be completely new. I do not know what topics you are interested in on a personal level, but what I deeply know is that you care, you care for the world and you are caring for future generations. You might have not figured out what you can do to escape or participate. But I am happy to have the pleasure to accompany you on this journey

Here are the latest posts:

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Thank you for reading all this, and I hope to receive news from you (you are always welcome to just answer).

I send you love and wish you the best,