Do you ever feel like it?

Thoughts on mine

Sometimes a thought blurs in an ocean of others

I am not sure how to start this

I listen to my heartbeat

Beat by beat

try to understand

try to hand your hand

the cry for Freedom

Aren't we all looking for it?

The moments of weightlessness

The moment you are there

How you feel when you Lookup and realize that you are not dreaming

The clarity of the morning stars before sunrise

Find peace in the chaos of thoughts and forms

Something makes the familiar and regular shine

Day after day, which still leads away from well-trodden paths into the hug of the unknown and unwritten

I try to describe, what I am looking for, but it is deceptive

It is on the tip of my tongue, then it is gone

I know what I am looking for is not in fear

I know what I am looking for is not in seeking

There is the feeling when both bare feet are pressed on the floor and your head is in the clouds

It is the balance: land and sea

Society and the wilderness

Me and You

I feel at home there

How often am I guided by fear?

How often do I lead with love?

What do I look for?

What exactly is freedom and where do I find it?