One receives health not in the retail trade, but by the way of life

Let´s talk about plants

Good Morning,

More and more people discover their interest in plants. Plants provide us with oxygen, they are our food and our habitat, our medicine and therapy. They have placed themselves in our service in many different ways. A book that is very inspiring is called “When Plant’s dream”, it is the first book to set the Ayahuasca phenomenon in its proper context as it emerges from its background in Amazonian shamanism into the foreground of the urbanized 21st century. The authors write well, demonstrate a masterful grasp of their subject, set out all the key facts and all the latest research and developments, and lead us to some thought-provoking conclusions. All in all a tour de force. Highly recommended.

Two dreams have always connected people with plants: first, to cultivate them, and second, to return nature to its "original state".

It is time to recognize that we are not above plants, but completely dependent on them. We are one with nature, we cannot detach ourselves from it and exist synthetically, not in the long run at least; this is only possible in the cinema or in virtual worlds.

But if we continue to use up resources as we have done up to now, we will disappear. But nature will remain. So it is in our own interest to understand more, to proceed more carefully, and to live more modestly, in accordance with the ancient and eternally valid laws.

When I talk about what is really sustainable, we often think of an exchange. Coal is exchanged by solar etc. But we never really deal with the core problem behind it.

So where do we stand today? Our hearts know what is good, our minds still have to learn it.

Charles Eisenstein wrote in the book The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know

How much of the ugly does it take to substitute for a lack of the beautiful? How many adventure films does it take to compensate for a lack of adventure? How many superhero movies must one watch, to compensate for the atrophied expression of one’s greatness? How much pornography to meet the need for intimacy? How much entertainment to substitute for missing play? It takes an infinite amount. That’s good news for economic growth, but bad news for the planet. Fortunately, our planet isn’t allowing much more of it, nor is our ravaged social fabric. We are almost through with the age of artificial scarcity, if only we can release the habits that hold us there.

Just as people think that if only they had more money, then they would be happy, so also have we thought that we could solve the problems of the world if only we had access to vastly more energy. Oh, the things we could do!

I wrote this because I am convinced that we must pass on old knowledge.

Passing on old knowledge

The laws of nature are the one topic this newsletter deals with from time to time. Another topic that keeps me busy is herbal knowledge. Even though I am still at the very beginning, I believe it will receive a lot of attention in the future. When we look at trends like BioTech or similar areas, we long for natural remedies or holistic methods. To keep the old knowledge alive, it has to be passed on. In doing so, one can quickly discover how easy it is to help oneself and try out the remedies.

When you have experienced how a wound that you have treated with homemade calendula ointment disappears and how inflammations heal with the help of the base resin ointment, it makes you very happy! And it is not that difficult, because often the plants themselves tell you how they help if you observe them closely.

Many of our grandparents' generation still helped themselves, today we usually prefer to use bought medicine. At the same time, there are more and more people who are trying to put the shards of lost knowledge back together again and to supplement them effectively through the exchange with other traditions and new methods.

How do we react to nature?

Paracelsus said: "Healthy is the natural. Where nature is suppressed, distorted or bent in man, their disease takes its course".

Let's go back again to the thyroid gland, for example, The thyroid gland is the organ of life force, the hormones it produces have to do with growth, energy, and joy of life. What effects can it have if we do not develop our potential because we adapt if we do not represent our interests because we do not know them and if we do not take our life into our own hands? The body works efficiently: what is not needed is broken down again, is metabolized. Exaggerated and exaggeratedly expressed, this means that the thyroid gland could disappear if we suppress the spark of life. Conversely, it could be said that it would certainly have a positive effect on the thyroid gland if we could free ourselves from stressful circumstances, take control of our lives, and gain more zest for life.

But for this, we need courage and access to nature within us, which we often do not know. In the forest, we can find it, because in the forest we meet ourselves. Outside we can be as we are, we can decelerate and relax.

We can pause, listen, breathe, look, be.

Are you interested in learning more about medicinal plants? Then I will gladly take you on my journey and write about it from time to time.