What a narrative?

Maybe you remember the second Newsletter. I tried to explained what it will all about. And sometimes I have to explain myself again.

I will make people challenge their current beliefs about what is important in their lives and to accept a different way of looking at the world that creates harmony, happiness, and health. That’s easier said than done. I tremendously believe in the potential of the human species. Knowledge always wins in the end, but not unless and until it is known. This is a crucial point because it is hard as we are wired by believes that arent truth and we are missing out on a narrative that we can use to thrive. I am very happy to have people in my life who are much smarter than me and explain to me things I don´t understand that much, like cognitive Artificial Intelligence, Math or Energy (more on a spiritual level).

What can we trust? Why is the ‘information ecology’ so damaged, and what would it take to make it healthy? Some questions I have in mind today and not sure if I will write about them today or not, but sooner or later we will come back to them.

Most people have known me as a founder, tech guy and how to understand the world in systems. But these are just labels we attach to people to make sense of them. I always believed that technology is going to fix most of our problems. But after several years in this industry, I understand that first, we need to change our minds. I believe that humans are capable of extraordinary things in symbiosis with the earth. More than any other known species, we have a breathtaking ability to grow, create, explore, love, and solve challenges. We need to come together - which is in fact our natural state. I believe the solution to that world lies in raising human consciousness. Which means evolving the way people learn, grow, work, and co-create.

I see patterns that others sometimes miss, and I connect dots in a very unusual way. Let me answer your questions. We are all drowning in massive human beliefs. The current system was telling me and is still telling you how to eat, how to make money, and how to live. It creates benchmarks to measure us. You should be doing this. And you should be living like that. Go to that university. Most of the time we are told if you follow that path and you will be successful (whatever that means). But those are just narratives and stories we came up with. In our basic nature, we are humans and we should learn to live in symbiosis together. We are part of nature, but we act like we are different. I like to think that there is a difference between bending to life necessities and blindly accepting that you must live your life according to preconceived rules.

We know ourselves through stories, and we know each other through the stories we share. But for all the beauty of stories, we are drowning in them. This is, after all, the promise of postmodernism; the grand narratives that bound us together have been stripped away and instead, the world is fragmented into an infinity of individual perspectives, weaving into a tapestry so thick we can no longer see through it. Wherever we look now, either online or at our institutions and ideologies, we find no single story strong enough to bind us together.

Much Love,



PS: I am a lot into health and longevity, currently advising some people on nutrition and fasting (not an expert here). I am trying to avoid sugar and looking for cereal companies in Germany like Magic Spoon or other “healthy” snacks.

PSS: If you are interested in those things I can start a small Telegram Group on this as well.