What does it mean to be a true lover?

Long time no see

I was writing an article about our shrinking Horizon. In the last few weeks, I was reading a lot of ancient books. And wow there are powerful. Everything living is family. We have one mother, this land we are living from. We can´t take everything from her. That makes us brothers and sisters. 10000 years of wisdom is gone, we need to find and reconnect with this "tribe" again and build modern anxiety to learn and grow with each other. White people need to understand the system they have created to escape from it. Ancient Wisdom and New Technology will be a powerful symbiosis.

I am calling for a more ethical and inclusive movement to counter the existing startup venture culture. I believe creating an alternative to this status quo is a moral imperative.

There's a tremendous opportunity to create more tribes where people connect. I already participate in many of them around the world. And could not be happier about it. During this time I deeply miss the physical connection with all of them.

Unfortunately, many of those recent events turned into school-like conferences, not the emotional connections that are desired. It becomes more and more important to have events where attendees are aligned with others and build a tribe(s).

You can create an advance with a team that knows one another from work, or even more profoundly, with a bunch of independent thinkers who come together to energize, inspire and connect. We like to gather, sing, host conversations, and design spaces that inspire co-creativity and joy.

I believe in our incredible potential as humans to love and I advocate every day for our expansion and growth into that loving capacity we all carry.

Malte Wagenbach