What’s “inside” of Anima Mundi?


First of all, I apologize for coming forward like this. I took a small selection from my contact list because I think you might like it. I hope that was okay :-) Please read and unsubscribe if you think it is not a fit.

In the last few years I have attended many workshops, discussions, and Events on Leadership, Mindfulness, Entrepreneurship, Investing and much more.

We can only change the world if the change is triggered in us. Because we ourselves are the product and part of many systems of human existence and all that we have created. But in order to transform ourselves, knowledge about ourselves is essential. Without knowing what and who you are, there is no basis for right thinking.

I will start a new Newsletter to write about Wellbeing and a Meaningful Life. Much more about this in the next newsletter.

I believe that happy relationships are key to a healthy life. That is why I am asking you to join me here. It’s from my own experiences with unsuccessful relationships and striving to improve my connections that I was able to heal. Now, I am thinking and writing a lot about the mind, mindfulness, leadership, philosophy, Longevity, Health, Impact, economy and much more. I believe a general knowledge of these topics is crucial to think about a meaningful life.

Currently, I am writing a book in German about this and do weekly coaching with clients about related topics. I like to write this newsletter in English as most of the people who are so far interested are from the states. If you have met me in person, you know what to expect :-)

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You have goals. You have ambitions. You have dreams. Now, the only thing you need to reach your full potential is a plan, a community, and a little guidance.

It would be great to have you…